Join us at the Augmented Intelligence Summit

26. Februar 2019 0 Von Horst Buchwald

March 28 31, 2019  |  1440 Multiversity  |  Learn more

Is it possible to develop a collective, concrete, realistic vision of a positive AI future that can inform policy, the development of the industry, and academic research, and can it be done inclusively? Our hypothesis is that this is indeed possible, and we have designed this experiment to test it.

Today many of the concepts, consequences, and possibilities involved in a future with advanced AI feel distant, uncertain, and abstract. No one has all the answers about how to ensure that powerful AI in the future is beneficial, either in terms of technical implementation or in terms of transference to the domains of law, regulations and policy, industry best practices, or society at large. There are a number of organizations and initiatives that are working on the issues of AI safety, ethics, and governance. 

Joining these efforts with a distinct role that bridges academia and industry, the Augmented Intelligence Summit offers a unique, interdisciplinary approach to learning and creating solutions in this space. 

The Summit will provide the tools and framework for a multi-disciplinary group of policy, research, and business leaders to imagine and interact with a simulated model of a positive future for our global society and its major interconnected systems – the economy, education, work, and political structures – through the lens of advanced AI. AIS utilizes a range of collaborative design tools and immersive exercises, including:

  • Scenario simulation, war-game style

  • World building and collaborative strategic planning exercises

  • Presentations on models of economic, social and complex systems to inform our work

The Summit’s high-level goals are about increasing systems-literacy and improving long-term thinking and decision making, which we see as critical skills for navigating the future of advanced AI and its impact on society. In addition to presentations on the state of AI and its trajectory, immersive exercises at the Summit relate to a fictional future world with advanced AI that is both plausible and aspirational. By mentally committing to a specific version of the future, our creativity, our ability to identify important variables, and our overall problem-solving capacity can be enhanced to help us better imagine the societal challenges, opportunities, and needs that will face us and the planning that must be done.


Anthony Aguirre Future of Life Institute | UC Santa Cruz

Shahar Avin Centre for the Study of Existential Risk

Meia Chita-Tegmark Future of Life Institute | Tufts

Ariel Conn Future of Life Institute

Gaia Dempsey 7th Future

Allison Duettmann Foresight Institute

Peter Eckersley Partnership on AI

Marc Fleurbaey Princeton

David Haussler UC Santa Cruz | QB3

David Krakauer Santa Fe Institute

Michael Page OpenAI

Marie-Therese Png Oxford | DeepMind

Stuart Russell UC Berkeley | CHAI

Max Tegmark Future of Life Institute | MIT