Next level of automation started

Next level of automation started

28. Oktober 2019 0 Von Horst Buchwald

Next level of automation started

Berlin, 27.10.2019

Business processes worldwide are being upgraded to the next level of automation. That means process automation, artificial intelligence and related technologies are combined. This finding is the result of a survey by the consulting firm Deloitte. She interviewed more than 500 executives. According to 58 percent of those surveyed, intelligent automation has already begun in their company. This in turn with measurable success. The interviewed executives expect an increase in sales of 11 percent and an average cost reduction of 22 percent over the next three years. Added to this would be capacity increases of 27 percent. That would correspond to the work of 2.4 million full-time employees in the surveyed companies.

A driver of this development is not least the demographic change. By 2028, Europe’s workforce will shrink by up to eight million. But because it was shown that humans and machines can work together very successfully, 38 percent of the decision-makers introduced pilot projects for intelligent automation. Twelve percent of them use the new technology extensively and eight percent automate on a large scale. In the case of the latter, for example, the sales figures doubled in comparison to the survey in the previous year.

On the other hand, many companies are not sufficiently prepared for the intelligent automation of their business processes. 42 percent of respondents have not yet dealt with this topic. Fragmented processes are the biggest hurdle for introducing AI-based automation to 36 percent of respondents. According to 17 percent of executives, internal IT is still under-prepared.

Two more problems are added. First, 44% of executives can not assess how the technology change will impact the workforce.

Secondly, shortcomings in the necessary expertise in the own workforce and in the job market were found.

The complete study can be downloaded