16. Januar 2020 0 Von Horst Buchwald

2020: Which technologies are future-proof ? The answer from Omron

Tokyo, January 16, 2020

Omron, the globally established Japanese automation and robotics company, has compiled the most important robotics and AI trends for 2020 on this topic and in preparation for its presence at the Hanover Fair.

Omron predicts that 2020 will see the market launch of new practical solutions for industrial automation with the help of AI, designed to complement human intelligence (Augmented Intelligence). There will also be solutions to the question of how AI can be used efficiently on the factory floor while supporting sustainability. The expected solutions will support the industrial automation workforce while improving decision making and operational efficiency.

One of the primary goals in industrial automation is to collect and generate knowledge at the machine level – at the edge. The machine learns from people and then improves performance. One result of machine learning is the timely detection of product and device errors. After combining the data, it is also possible to predict machine failures, malfunctions or deteriorating product quality.

Machine running times and downtimes are also made more efficient and error-free by the machine operators using self-learning algorithms.

With the goal of achieving manufacturing excellence, humans and robots work hand in hand, so to speak. While using innovative control technology, both humans and robots learn in equal measure. The controller equipped with AI detects and signals irregularities from the very beginning. This improves condition monitoring and real-time control.

Omron’s Sysmac AI Controller enables the accurate acquisition of historical and non-historical data. They are time-stamped and can be visualized.

AI-based collaborative robots (Cobots) will become increasingly important in 2020 and beyond to reduce environmental impact. The ultimate goal is to create healthy and safe living and working conditions that have less impact on the environment. Omron’s portfolio of robots and AI will help to create more sustainable working conditions in factories. Assembly and disassembly robots play an important role in this. The new generation of robots can learn from machine operators (sensing).

„Solutions that contribute to integrated, intelligent and interactive production are the key to Omron’s concept of ‚innovative automation‘. Together with our customers, we want to make the efficient and sustainable factory of the future a reality, where robots, AI and employees work in harmony,“ says Tim Foreman, European R&D Manager Omron Europe. „We can achieve remarkable efficiency gains by using state-of-the-art sensor, control and robotics solutions, while at the same time putting AI into practice in production“.