Amazon will sell its technology of cashless convenience stores

Amazon will sell its technology of cashless convenience stores

10. März 2020 0 Von Horst Buchwald

Amazon will sell its technology of cashless convenience stores

New York, 10.3.2020

Amazon will announce a new business that will sell the technology behind its cashless convenience stores to other retailers, the news agency Reuters said.

A spokesperson for the world’s largest web retailer said a new website would invite others to inquire about the service, which Amazon calls „Just Walk Out“ technology.

The eagerly awaited deal is in line with Amazon’s previous strategy of building new value-added areas internally – such as warehouses to help deliver parcels and cloud technology to support the site – and then turning them into lucrative services that the company will later offer to other retailers.

Amazon Go has brought shopping without a checkout queue into the mainstream, as well as the retail market without a cashier. A company spokesperson commented: „Do customers like standing in line?“ and immediately pointed to the market that this opened up: The problem to be solved was: How to achieve convenience in physical locations, especially when people are under time pressure?

Unlike Amazon Go stores, buyers will insert a credit card into a closed turnstile to enter, rather than scanning an app. The turnstiles will carry the „Just Walk Out technology by Amazon“ logo, but all other aspects of branding and the store will be controlled by the retailer using the service.

The items selected by customers are placed in the virtual shopping cart of the shopper. When he or she leaves the store, the credit card is charged. No barcode scans or checkout queues are required.

Amazon will install its technology, including ceiling cameras and shelf weight sensors, in retailers‘ stores, whether they are new locations or upgrades. There will also be a 24-7 support line.