Has Musk lost his mind?

13. Juli 2023 0 Von Horst Buchwald

Has Musk lost his mind?

„That Musk who makes the Tesla’s must have lost his mind now?!“

Without exception, all participants in the lively discussion agreed with this verdict. They also agreed on the cause:

„He’s so filthy rich, you get such crazy ideas.“ .

Although I do not share these opinions, I also have a problem with the following sentence:

„The goal of xAI is to understand the true nature of the universe.“

Now the sarcasm overwhelms me as well: is the superintelligence already speaking?

There will be many more questions. Musk doesn’t want to hole up. On the contrary. On Friday, 14.7. , he wants to face the questioners in a Twitter space.

What else you should know:

xAI, the name of the startap founded by Elon Musk, explains on the website what is meant by the true nature of the universe.

Musk also tweeted last night that if an advanced AI system or digital superintelligence were to be developed, he would press „pause.“

But that doesn’t seem realistic to him. Therefore he will create AI in a good way. And what is a good AI? A „maximally curious AI“ that’ll try to understand the universe.

Has Musk lost his mind? In any case, the terminology he uses is quite a mess.

Hopefully this can be judged better after the Twitter Space.

Horst Buchwald