The Comment        What does he want?

The Comment What does he want?

25. Februar 2022 0 Von Horst Buchwald

The Comment

What does he want?

By Horst Buchwald

Appearance of Chancellor Scholz: white shirt, black suit. His facial muscles are frozen. Has someone died? No: „He’s going to lose!“ sounds icily from his mouth. HE? Scholz means Putin. Who else. Putin scares the politicians of the West to death. He is clearly ahead in the field of propaganda. They ?have let too much time pass in the search for the answer to the question „What does he want?“ True, he could not divide the Western alliance by doing so, but at least- he shocked them, because passion does not exactly radiate from the Westerners during their appearances.

Nevertheless, Scholz is right- Putin will lose. It’s not the sanctions that are killing him, but his ambitions. These quickly catapult the euphoric mood of narcissistic types like Putin into heavenly spheres. The easier and faster he marches along the road to success with his strategy, the more pumped up and confident of victory he is. Example: the applause of a Mr. Trump . He gave him the following praise: What he does is „GENIAL.“ Yes, many a genius thought he was only a few steps away from the divine. But once he has arrived there, blindness sets in. Errors result from wrong estimations – at first hardly noticeable, then they become more and they become bigger. How does this end?

The answer comes from the question: What does Putin want? For me it is obvious: He is marching through to Berlin. Here he wants to build the second Kremlin and celebrate the new Soviet empire. Now you can understand why our chancellor is right.

P.S.: Putin would by no means be the first or the only one in world history to fall into this trap. It started with Alexander the Great, then followed Caesar, Napoleon, Hitler. Even Mao and Stalin had plans and dreams of world domination.