USA and India decide on a significant partnership

USA and India decide on a significant partnership

3. Februar 2023 0 Von Horst Buchwald

USA and India decide on a significant partnership

Washington, 2/3/2023

The US and India announced the launch of a partnership aimed at strengthening joint efforts and cooperation related to military and advanced computing technologies, including artificial intelligence.

The US-India Initiative on Critical and Emerging Technologies could help countries compete against China in AI, defense and other areas.

The White House published the following details, among others: The agreement

• Covers a wide range of areas, from defense innovation and technology collaboration to semiconductor supply chains, space and next-generation telecommunications.

• sees the establishment of a partnership between the U.S. in the case of cooperation in the AI segments. National Science Foundation and India-based science agencies. International collaborations in areas such as „artificial intelligence, quantum technologies and advanced wireless communications“ are listed.

• Another initiative would draw from global efforts to create common benchmarks and standards for “trustworthy AI”. This would be done, according to the plan, by coordinating the “development of multi-stakeholder consensus standards to ensure those standards and benchmarks are aligned with democratic values.”