Getty Images is again suing Stability AI

Getty Images is again suing Stability AI

7. Februar 2023 0 Von Horst Buchwald

Getty Images is again suing Stability AI

San Francisco, 2/7/2023

The stock photo platform Getty Images has again sued Stability AI, the developer of the image generator Stable Diffusion, for copyright infringement. The lawsuit, filed in US District Court for the District of Delaware on Friday, comes after Getty sued Stability in the UK last month. In addition, the tool violated copyrights.

The current lawsuit accused Stability AI of illegally using more than 12 million images and other data to train Stable Diffusion without first obtaining a license or permission.

Getty has accused Stability of profiting from the photos on its platform and others.

A study of 12 million photos from the Stable Diffusion training dataset found that more than 15,000 of those photos came from Getty. Now she is asking the courts to ban Stability from using the images and is also demanding monetary damages.

Background: Stable was first trained with a total of 2.3 billion images and then with another 600 million for current checkpoints.