Biden government unveils 2023 cybersecurity strategy

Biden government unveils 2023 cybersecurity strategy

14. März 2023 0 Von Horst Buchwald

Biden government unveils 2023 cybersecurity strategy

Washington, 3/14/2023

The White House has the U.S. Launched National Cybersecurity Strategy for 2023 and Beyond. Private technology companies are expected to take on more responsibilities than ever before.

According to the government, cyber security is essential for the functioning of the US economy, its democracy, its digital communication system, etc.


This document has five main pillars:

► The defense of critical infrastructures,

► the disruption and dismantling of threat actors,

► the drive to reshape market forces to promote safety,

► Investing in a resilient future,

and the creation of international partnerships.

One of the biggest changes the document brings is the fact that it shifts the responsibility for cybersecurity from individuals, small businesses and local governments to technology companies.

This decision is viewed as something that favors long-term investments in balancing existing and future threats.

Industry experts stated that the decision to give more responsibility to private companies and to regulate the industry was the right one.