Ukraine: 10 serious cyber attacks from Russia every day

Ukraine: 10 serious cyber attacks from Russia every day

14. März 2023 0 Von Horst Buchwald

Ukraine: 10 serious cyber attacks from Russia every day

Kyiv, 14.3.2023

Russian hackers are conducting cyber espionage campaigns against Ukraine. This was announced by the State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection (SSSCIP) of Ukraine.

After that, the Russians try to infect Ukraine’s digital infrastructure with spyware in order to gain the upper hand over military maneuvers, arms purchases, equipment, and so on.

The SSSCIP cooperates with technology companies such as:







and log point.

For example, Google has provided 50,000 Google Workspace licenses to the Ukrainian government, the rapid air raid warning system for Android phones, support for refugees, businesses and entrepreneurs, and measures to indefinitely pause monetization and limit the reach of Russian state news media.

Ukraine is currently experiencing up to 10 major cyber incidents every day.

The cyber attack campaigns between Russia and Ukraine have been dubbed the world’s first cyber war by several industry researchers.

Russia has consistently launched cyberattacks against Ukraine since 2013 with Operation Armageddon and then continued the 2015 power grid attack through the 2022 attacks that preceded the war.


Russia began cyber attacks on Ukraine on January 14, 2022, shutting down around 70 government websites.

US authorities recently warned that Russia would launch more cyber attacks on Ukraine.