Is Apple Stuck on Generative AI?

Is Apple Stuck on Generative AI?

3. August 2023 0 Von Horst Buchwald

Is Apple Stuck on Generative AI?

San Francisco, 8/3/2023

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple’s advancement in generative AI is lagging behind the competition and there are no signs the company will launch any AI services or products in 2024.

The expert contradicts Bloomberg’s statement that Apple could make a significant AI announcement in 2024.

Following today’s release of Apple’s quarterly financial results, Kuo doesn’t think AI will be a big theme in earnings announcements as Apple lags behind its peers in this space. Kuo’s most recent note said there’s no sign of next-gen AI coming to Apple’s consumer hardware in the next year.

There were reports last month that Apple was working on an „Apple GPT“ chatbot and other AI projects, but the company’s strategy for consumer products is unclear.

Unlike Microsoft, Google, Meta, and Amazon, Apple has been more reluctant to adopt GenAI technology. While Apple has used large language models to improve iOS, it prefers to call the technology „transformers“ rather than using terms like „AI“ or „GPT“.

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, recognized the importance of being intentional and prudent when developing AI.