With Canva, 99% percent of people become designers

With Canva, 99% percent of people become designers

9. Oktober 2023 0 Von Horst Buchwald

With Canva, 99% percent of people become designers

San Francisco, October 9, 1223

The fact that Canva conjured up a generative AI toolkit with an incredible variety of multimedia design services with the Magic Studio platform for its tenth anniversary made many top designers sit up and take notice.

For example, the synthetic video creator stands out. It was released in collaboration with generative AI video startup Runway ML. Magic branding now includes tools like Magic Switch, which handles conversion between communication formats like email, report summaries, and even a “whiteboard of ideas.” It can also translate the content into more than 100 languages.

On the multimedia side, the new Magic Media toolkit offers both text-to-image options (powered by Stable Diffusion) and runway-based text-to-video or image-to-video options. Generative AI manipulates images using Magic Grab’s object detection and separation functionality and Magic Expand’s ability to enlarge parts of an image.

Canva has also improved its Magic Design tool. This means any slideshow can be created with minimal visual effort.

If a user wants the AI to help more comprehensively, they can describe a presentation they want to create in a text box and Canva’s AI will put together a complete overview of the presentation, including the content for each slide.

The Cancvas team set out with the goal of making complex things simple, or of empowering 99% of people to design by simplifying a complex and fragmented design ecosystem.

With the introduction of Magic Studio we have now taken a huge step forward, as this tool is the first all-in-one suite of design AI tools.

“This launch marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter as we become even more committed to empowering over 150 million people and thousands of businesses to unleash their creativity and achieve their goals,” emphasized Canva CEO Melanie Perkins.