German companies need solutions for BIG DATA

German companies need solutions for BIG DATA

19. November 2019 0 Von Horst Buchwald

German companies need solutions for BIG DATA

Berlin, 19.111.2019

The amount of data generated in companies is increasing and becoming more inconsistent from day to day. So now they need to find solutions to use this data efficiently. Alteryx surveyed 5 0 0 companies in Germany.

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An excerpt of the results:

More than nine out of ten respondents (9%, 2%) agree that data is a

are a decisive company factor for the development of the company. Additionally

it becomes clear that the amounts of data that accumulate across industries and areas are large,

have reached an unimaginable dimension.

In addition to the opportunity to make savings and increase efficiency for their department

or organization ( 4 5 % ), German companies also stated that

Data analysis helps to better understand the end customer. 4 0 % use their

knowledge in order to create individually tailored offers.

When asked which key technologies they would invest more in over the next five years to support a variety of initiatives to ensure the success of their data analysis, almost a quarter ( 2 4% ) confirmed that data and analysis technologies

are their priority, only a little more prioritise the use of cloud technologies ( 2 9% ) .