Facebook: Deepfakes have no chance with us

Facebook: Deepfakes have no chance with us

7. Januar 2020 0 Von Horst Buchwald

Facebook: Deepfakes have no chance with us

New York, January 7, 2020

Facebook has announced that it will remove videos modified by artificial intelligence, so-called deepfakes, from its platform.

Deepfakes are computer-generated clips that are designed to look real.

The social media company said in a blog that these videos distort reality and represent a „significant challenge“ for the technology industry.

AI software often creates deep-facts of politicians or celebrities by merging, replacing or overlaying content on a video to make it look real.

Facebook stressed that they would remove videos if they were detected. To do this, Facebook employees and independent fact-checkers would be used to assess the authenticity of a video.

The new policy does not apply to parody or satire videos.

Last September, Facebook announced that it would contribute $10 million to a fund to improve the technologies used to detect these fakes. It will also work with universities, the government and businesses to uncover the Deepfakes producers‘ backers.

Finally, Facebook has indicated that it will continue to remove all videos that include nudity, graphic violence, voter repression and hate speech.