KI Campus learning platform: Acquiring skills for the future

KI Campus learning platform: Acquiring skills for the future

28. Januar 2020 0 Von Horst Buchwald

KI Campus learning platform: Acquiring skills for the future

Berlin, January 28, 2020

The digital learning platform „KI – Campus“ is a new pilot project of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research with the aim of strengthening skills in the field of artificial intelligence.

The AI ​​campus is aimed at all people who are interested in AI for professional or private reasons and who want to or need further training. It should be the virtual place where different user groups can acquire relevant AI skills online based on their educational biography – a broad target group of students, professionals and other lifelong learners. Students are initially the most important focus target group for the three-year trial. German universities are therefore encouraged to participate.

The content of the AI ​​campus is based on two pillars: On the one hand, courses and materials are developed specifically for the AI ​​campus; on the other hand, it is important to curate existing offers and to integrate them sensibly. For this purpose, the AI ​​campus makes recommendations with regard to format, didactics and quality. One thing is clear: not every learning offer has to be completely redesigned, there are already numerous good offers that can be made more visible through a central portal for AI skills.

In order to achieve all of this in a cooperative and innovation-oriented environment, the project partners have formulated six guidelines for the conception and prototypical development:

1. Technical interoperability and cooperation with other platforms and initiatives are considered to guide action when implementing the AI ​​campus.

2. The focus of the offers is on learners and learning processes (“Shift from Teaching to Learning”).

3. The didactic concepts for the AI ​​campus are future-proof, innovative and include social learning formats.

4. The platform is based on agile, participatory and usage-oriented product development.

5. The platform offerings themselves use AI processes (for example learning analytics and recommendation systems) and offer a high level of clarity, customizability and adaptivity.

6. All learning offers and technologies used follow the principle of openness of resources and source codes.

Further education providers are invited

Universities and other educational providers are invited by the Federal Ministry of Education to participate in the construction of the AI ​​campus in the context of several competitive tenders. With the creation of open learning offers (from micro-content to the MOOC-based module) you can bring your content, experience and scientific perspectives into the AI ​​campus. Proven offers that are to be further developed in terms of quality and, for example, to be embedded in university blended learning scenarios, are also conceivable for the AI ​​campus. Accordingly, in terms of long-term empowerment, the use of content and platform solutions by universities is also supported beyond the AI ​​campus. The teaching of AI skills in Germany is thus tackled as a comprehensive joint task, which can have transfer effects in other areas of digital transformation of education and science through open innovation processes.