Nvidia walks on new paths

Nvidia walks on new paths

11. November 2021 0 Von Horst Buchwald

Nvidia walks on new paths


San Francisco, Nov. 11, 2021


Nvidia announced Omniverse Avatar, a platform for creating interactive AI avatars and more.

The chipmaker continues to expand into software and services, including its Omniverse simulation and collaboration platform for creating 3D worlds that mimic the physical world.

Omniverse Avatar uses computer vision, natural language understanding (NLP) and other technologies to create digital stand-ins for people. The avatars can talk about many topics and understand „naturally spoken intentions. Companies could use them to create customized AI assistants that take restaurant orders, handle banking transactions and more.

Avatar’s speech recognition is based on Nvidia’s Riva to generate human-like responses, and its NLP is based on the Megatron 530B large pre-trained speech model.

During his keynote, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang showed the following examples, among others:

Colleagues conversing with an avatar that is a toy replica of himself.

A customer service avatar taking orders from customers at a restaurant kiosk.

A digital assistant that helps a driver choose the best route to reach his destination on time.