Seven black-owned startups commended by Alexa Fund

Seven black-owned startups commended by Alexa Fund

12. Juli 2022 0 Von Horst Buchwald

Seven black-owned startups commended by Alexa Fund

San Francisco, 12/7/2022

Amazon has selected seven Black-founded AI and voice startups for its first Black Founders Build with Alexa Accelerator.

The four-month program offers the startups up to $100,000 in investments from the Alexa Fund, as well as incubation and mentorship opportunities. Amazon selected the startups based on their ability to use Alexa AI – to create innovation across multiple industries. Could.

Winners of the cohort are:

DOSS Group Inc.: Developer of a voice-activated intelligent assistant for real estate.

  • Kiddie Kredit: An ‘activity management tool’ to teach children about credit.
  • Vehicular AI monitoring system to improve driver safety.
  • MYAVANA: Beauty technology company with AI-powered personalized hair care guidance.
  • One Stop Wellness Inc.: Health literacy platform for companies to incentivize employees in finding and following better health practices.
  • PayTalk: Voice commerce engine from the Wiscount Corporation to simplify transactions securely by voice.
  • Seam Social Labs: Survey and data collection platform using natural language processing tools to gather information.