Why chatbots are a versatile help in healthcare

Why chatbots are a versatile help in healthcare

31. Januar 2023 0 Von Horst Buchwald

Why chatbots are a versatile help in healthcare

Berlin, January 31, 2023

As a result of the pandemic, more and more countries are complaining about staffing problems. In the US, 19% are affected. The situation is extremely critical. Nurses and doctors have left their jobs because of the dangerous conditions and the enormous stress.

With this in mind, forward-thinking leaders have been exploring AI-powered chatbots. It was soon clear to them that these „machines“ could take over an important part of the administrative work. But the fields of application were far from exhausted. They discovered that these machines can do a lot more – namely:

– help patients find the exact information they are looking for about their disease.

After completing the time-consuming work of creating account information for each patient, they were also open to studying RPA (Robotic Process Automation) machines. These are dialog-oriented chatbots.

RPA’s are digital virtual workers that emulate all activities of a human. In other words: your software operates the software of the other computers with a mouse and keyboard like a human – but virtually. This virtual worker can, for example, be used for work that is time-consuming. This also includes updating and managing patient files.

Example: As Ireland battled the COVID-19 pandemic, RPA-powered software robots helped the country’s Health Service Executive (HSE) save 22,000 hours of work between September and December 2020.

For HSE, RPA was able to process as many COVID cases in one hour as employees previously did in five days, while generating more efficient and timely data.

Then there’s Conversational AI. It enables its users to interact with computer applications as they would interact with other humans in natural language. This is a considerable relief in the case of complicated service requests, for example.

The possible uses are:

-► Help with administrative tasks such as booking appointments,

Issuing appointment reminders

– ► Search for the right medical forms

– ►filing of claims,

-► Payment of medical bills and

– ► Support with all questions about the recipe.

Max Healthcare, one of the largest hospital networks in North India, used this type of patient-centric automation to simplify the claims and billing process. Using RPA-powered AI chatbots, Max Healthcare was able to fully automate the manual claim process. What used to be a time-consuming process for administrators and patients has been simplified and automated.

By using these robots, Max Healthcare has reduced turnaround time by 50% and saved up to 75% of the time it takes to process health insurance data.

Thanks to Jason Warrelmann for the extensive information.

Warrelmann is Global Director of Healthcare and Life Sciences at UiPath and has over 10 years of admirable experience in innovative healthcare processes.