Study: At least 80% of US workers will feel effects of GPT technology

Study: At least 80% of US workers will feel effects of GPT technology

25. März 2023 0 Von Horst Buchwald

San Francisco, 3/23/2023

A study by OpenAI and other researchers predicts that at least 80% of the US workforce will experience some impact on their job roles from GPT technology.

The study estimates that nearly 20% of US workers could see half or more of their tasks automated by GPT tools like ChatGPT. According to the study, higher-income jobs may be more affected by AI automation than lower-income jobs.

According to the results, jobs that require programming and writing skills are more susceptible to AI than jobs that rely heavily on scientific and critical thinking skills.

Researchers estimate that approximately 80% of the US workforce will be affected at least 10% of their jobs by the introduction of GPTs, or generative pre-trained transformers.

Specifically, the study looked at the potential „exposure“ of a job’s work items to AI, or whether a GPT tool could cut the time it takes the worker to complete a task by half or more.

To measure this exposure, both human experts and AI language models were used in the study.

The occupations that people have found to be 100% exposed to GPT have been mathematicians, accountants, writers and authors, web and digital interface designers, and quantitative financial analysts.

The language models selected mathematicians, accountants and auditors, news analysts, reporters and journalists, legal officers and administrative assistants, clinical data managers and climate change policy analysts.

The pre-print study, titled „GPTs are GPTs: An Early Look at the Labor Market Impact Potential of Large Language Models,“ was co-authored by researchers from OpenAI, Open Research, and the University of Pennsylvania.