New study by Rackspace on the use of Ki and ML

New study by Rackspace on the use of Ki and ML

22. Mai 2023 0 Von Horst Buchwald

New study by Rackspace on the use of Ki and ML

Berlin, May 22, 2023

A leader in end-to-end multicloud technology solutions –
announced that after the pandemic, the use of artificial
Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) at Universities in Research
and education has increased.

The research study entitled How Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are Transforming Research and Education (
change) reports the following results of their analysis:

* 93% of surveyed IT managers in the education sector and 97% of surveyed IT
Managers in the research sector plan to introduce AI and ML in their institutions.

* 78% of research IT managers surveyed agree that AI and ML
influenced the way research is done, and 74% of those surveyed
IT managers in education believe that AI AND ML are changing the way
have influenced how it is taught.

After the end of the pandemic, the use of AI and ML in universities has multiplied. . 97% of IT managers in the research sector have adopted or are planning to introduce AI and ML. This trend has also led to increased use of the cloud,” states Mahesh Desai, Vice President of EMEA.

Methods that use AI or ML
In the education sector, AI or ML is used to transcribe online lectures, conduct remote exams and enable distance learning.
More than a third of respondents use AI or ML for exams and assessments.

In research, respondents are most likely to use AI or ML for security screening or fraud errors, sentiment analysis, predictive recommendations, and to accelerate research. In addition, AI and ML are also used in IoT and device management, in operations such as error detection and to increase accuracy

Effects of using AI and ML
Respondents overwhelmingly agree that AI and ML for
their organization can be of use or are already of use, because all
surveyed IT managers from the research sector (100%) and the education sector
(100%) say there is at least one aspect that affects their organization
can help or is already supported by AI and ML.

Respondents from the research sector stated that AI and ML significantly improve accuracy and speed by reducing errors.

Respondents in the education sector indicated that AI and ML have improved the quality of learning materials and guidance in their organization. Equal opportunities are also better. The key factor is distance learning because it saves a tremendous amount of time.

Obstacles to implementing AI and ML
The study found that lack of budgets is the most common obstacle to business
surveyed IT managers in the education sector are preventing them from embracing AI and ML
to use. A lack of resources follows in second place.


Rackspace Technology is the AWS contractor in 39 countries under the
OCRE program – the Open Cloud for Research Environments, an EU-compliant
procurement framework – developed by GÉANT – a pan-European internet
European Research Interconnection Network – was set up and managed by the
national regional education networks (NREN) in each country.
AWS services enable research and universities to deploy their
Accelerate public cloud initiatives by leveraging AI, machine learning, high-
Use Throughput Computing (HTC) and High-Performance Computing (HPC).
As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner with 15 core competencies, Rackspace
Technology has extensive AWS knowledge and support experience
the research and education community in implementing AWS
Solutions. Rackspace Technology has over 1,800 AWS cloud
Certifications and 5,000+ cloud certifications.
Click here to download the research report: How Artificial
Intelligence and Machine Learning are Transforming Research and Education