Horst Buchwald When you fall for the charming logic of a chatbot

17. August 2023 0 Von Horst Buchwald

Horst Buchwald

When you fall for the charming logic of a chatbot

Berlin, May 17, 2023

Google’s DeepMind is testing various applications of generative AI, including one that offers life advice to users, according to the New York Times. The AI department is said to be working on genAI tools for at least 21 tasks, including tutoring and scheduling.

Haven’t you done it yet? It’s obvious: you’re in trouble with your partner. She likes a little dachshund. They prefer a German shepherd. They are stuck, no agreement can be reached. But they can agree that the chatbot should comment on this:

1. Find a compromise: You could choose a medium-sized dog that meets both preferences. 2. Prioritize: If either of you have a particularly strong desire for a particular dog, that dog might be a better choice. 3. Choose a different breed: If neither the Dachshund nor the German Shepherd is preferred, you can also consider other breeds. 4. Take your time: You can also wait and give it some more time to make sure you’re making a good decision that’s acceptable to both of you. Most importantly, though, is to have open and honest communication and discuss what’s best for both of you together.

There you go, that sounds reasonable – doesn’t it? My wife has a different opinion in this case as well: „That’s a typically male-oriented answer, just cool, nothing emotional.“

Background ; Deep Mind’s test comes after Google’s AI experts warned executives in December not to emotionally bind users to chatbots.

AI experts reportedly warned that people who turn to AI for life coaching could suffer from a „loss of agency.“

According to the NYT, it’s possible that Google will never release the tools to the public.