The “suspect virus” with Link in the News trap

14. September 2023 0 Von Horst Buchwald



The “suspect virus” with Link in the News  trap

Berlin, September 14, 2023
According to the consumer advice center, a phishing email is currently circulating that pretends that Google sent it.
It states that a “suspicious virus” has been discovered. There is a “high risk” that the recipient’s device will be infected with viruses. And even more: the SIM card, photos, data and contacts are also at risk.
The awkward subject of the email: „Important safety notification: Your device is at risk! ———— <<<<qsdsdqqsdqsdsdqqsd>>>>“.

The email then contains a link to an alleged “security check”.
The email does not come from Google. In this case, consumer advocates advise: don’t click on it and send it to spam.
This applies to all emails in which users are asked to click on links where they should then enter personal data. Phishing emails with well-known banking institutions as senders are currently circulating particularly frequently. They often look deceptively real, but in reality they are fraudsters who want to intercept their victims‘ bank details.