Cyber attacks – the biggest threat to businesses

Cyber attacks – the biggest threat to businesses

22. September 2019 0 Von Horst Buchwald

Cyber attacks – the biggest threat to businesses

New York, 9/21/2019

Around the globe, security managers in companies are unanimous in their belief that cyber attacks are currently the biggest headache for them. This is the result of a study just published by Microsoft and Marsh (a cybesecurity insurance provider).

Over 1500 responsibles worldwide were surveyed. In the survey conducted two years ago, 62 percent of respondents rated cyber attacks as one of the top 5 risks. In the current study, the proportion rose to 79 percent.

Currently, cyber attacks are rated by 22 percent of respondents as the greatest risk for their own company – previously 6 percent of respondents stated this.

When asked which technologies pose the greatest risk in cyber attacks, cloud computing and connected devices were named. 23% and 25% of respondents respectively described the risk as extremely high. Cybercrime potential is lowest in blockchain applications. Freelancers and consultants enjoy little trust.

In order to counter the dangers, 83 percent of the respondents rely on improved security for devices and systems as well as on data protection. 53 percent prefer penetration tests that simulate attacks for test purposes.

The „2019 Global Cyber Risk Perception Survey“ (abridged version) is available for free download here.