Soul Machines presents: AI Jack Nicklaus

Soul Machines presents: AI Jack Nicklaus

13. Juni 2022 0 Von Horst Buchwald

San Francisco 6/13/2022

Soul Machines presents: AI Jack Nicklaus

Digital twins company Soul Machines announced a new entertainment division and the company’s first „digital person“ project – an avatar of golf pro Jack Nicklaus. The Softbank-backed company uses AI and natural language processing to autonomously animate and display people in digital spaces.

Development of the interactive „AI Jack“ took six months. Soul Machines first scanned Nicklaus‘ facial expressions and gestures and brought him to life through computer-generated imagery.

The first iteration shows the golfer at age 38.

Digital Jack can answer questions about major title wins, including his 1962 U.S. Open victory over Arnold Palmer.

More content is expected to follow.


Soul Machines was founded in 2016 by tech entrepreneur Greg Cross and AI engineer Mark Sagar, an Academy Award winner.

The company has received a total of $135 million from investors, including a $70 million Series B1 round announced in February.

Through its new entertainment division, the company has launched or will launch other AI-driven 3D digital humans. These include Carmelo Anthony from the NBA, and Marilyn Monroe.