Hello, where are my details?

Hello, where are my details?

30. Juli 2023 0 Von Horst Buchwald

Hello, where are my details?

Berlin, July 30, 2023

In the recently published fifth edition of the „Enterprise Cloud Index“ by Nutanix, specialist for the integration of clouds in companies, one finds the surprising finding that for many years the „German fear“ of the cloud was ridiculed. That’s probably over now. Because an international comparison makes it clear: the Germans are catching up at a rapid pace.

The following examples are given:

– the data centers have been largely modernized,

– German IT managers rely on the hybrid multi-cloud. By 2026, they want to increase their share to 50 percent (currently it is 6 percent).

Peter Goldbrunner, Vice President and General Manager Central Europe at Nutanix is convinced that by 2026 18 percent of companies will still be relying on their own data centers, but by then hybrid multi-cloud will become the gold standard in infrastructure.

IT managers cite three reasons for migrating data:

– Security and compliance improvements

– instant data access

– Better control of applications.

However, things are by no means smooth in the new data world. The first problem is the cost of storing data in the cloud. The synchronization of the data with the different worlds is not simple either. This applies in particular to German companies: 46 percent of IT managers do not know where their data is stored.

German companies probably have to work particularly hard in this field, because 46 percent of IT managers do not know where their data is stored. But there is still a “consolation: Europe-wide, 44 percent don’t know, worldwide it’s 40 percent.